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Planning, Research & Statistics Department (PRSD)


  • Formulating long-term and rolling plan for the National Library of Nigeria based on anticipatory national and global trends in socio-economic and technological development.

  • Designing and articulating strategies for successful attainment of desired goals and objectives of the National Library of Nigeria

  • Collaborates with International development partners in respect of library development

  • Co-ordinates projects planning and budgeting with respect to plans and programmes of National Library of Nigeria

  • Identifying, conducting and publishing scientific research works with a view to expanding the frontiers of knowledge

  • Collating statistics on other libraries and information centres within the country

  • Publication of academic journals i.e Nigerbiblios, Nominal list of Practicing Librarians in Nigeria


1. Planning and Development Division

 (i) Planning
 (ii) Development (Center for Advance Library Information Management) 

2. Research and Documentation Division

 (i) Research
 (ii) Publication
 (iii) Documentation 

3. Centre for National Library Statistics Division

 (i) Internal Statistics
 (ii) External Statistics 
(iii) Data Generation



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