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Virtual Library Service Department (VLSD)


  • As a library of highest standing, Virtual Library Services Department is the flagship for best practices of today’s library and of the future
  • To serve as the focal point for ICT acquisition, implementation, utilization and maintenance at the National Library of Nigeria, the library sector and the citizenry nationwide

  • Ensure the preservation of electronic and digital information resources of the nation’s heritage

  • Serve as the focal Department for resource information/knowledge networks

  • To identify and acquire local content for digitization

  • To maintain the website to optimal functional level

  • To provide a sure platform for resource sharing, linkages and network

  • Provides intellectual access to information relevant for research in specific fields of study

  • To subscribe to databases and make them available to the general public.



The department is composed of three (3) divisions:

  1. Website Development and Maintenance
  2. Digital Resources 
  3. Information & Communication Technology

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