Vision and Mandate

National library of Nigeria

Vision and Mandate


To ensure the building of an informed and enlighten citizenry through the provision of information resources that are readily available and easily accessible


To acquire, process organize, disseminate as well as provide links to information resources to all Nigerians for their educational pursuits and for informed decision making.


The National Library of Nigeria is the apex Library and the giant memory of the nation. It is the intellectual store-house and the databank of learning in the remembrance process.

Established by Act No.29 of 1970. Its mandate is: to establish and maintain in accordance with this Act, the National Library of Nigeria, and to provide in accordance with this Act such services as in the opinion of the Board are usually provided by national libraries of the highest standing


  • To provide for the nation a source of intellectual support and stimulus for advancement in all fields of human endeavour, particularly in academic, social, cultural, scientific and technological enterprise.
  • To provide comprehensive and rich collection for reference and research in all fields within and beyond the nation's physical boundaries, and
  • To ensure for the nation a place in the community of nations which depend on knowledge and original ideas for survival.


  • Bibliographic Control Services
  • Legal Deposits
  • Court Subpoena and Summons
  • Issuance of ISBN, ISSN, ISMN
  • Production of National Bibliography of Nigeria (NBN)
  • Establishment and maintenance of a branch of the National Library of Nigeria in each state
  • Readership Promotion Campaign (RPC)
  • Book Gifts and Exchanges
  • Virtual Library Services - ICT, Content Development, Internet Services
  • Provision of Reference and Document Delivery Services
  • Publication of Catalogues, Classification tools, indexes and Seminar Research Aids
  • Maintenance of Cataloguing Standards
  • E-Resources - i.e EBSCO
  • Promotion of Research in the field of Library and Information Science
  • Library Development, Consultancy and Technical Services
  • Exhibitions and Displays
  • Development, Maintenance and sustenance of the Online National Union Catalogue (ONUC) and Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
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