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Welcome to National library Of Nigeria

Our Clients & Services


The National library of Nigeria was established in 1964. Decree no 29 that established the National Library of Nigeria was promulgated in 1970 by the then Military Government with a mandate to establish and maintain a branch in each state of the federation.
Presently the National Library of Nigeria operates from twenty-six state branch offices throughout the federation. Funding is from the Federal government of Nigeria.

This Charter is intended to provide information to all our stakeholders on the quality of service expected from the National Library of Nigeria.


Our clients are essentially the various stakeholders in the Nigerian polity.

They include the following:

  1. Federal Government Ministries, National and State Assemblies
  2. The Judiciary
  3. Agencies, Parastatals
  4. Authors, Publishers, Researchers
  5. Schools, Readers, Booksellers
  6. Public and Private Libraries
  7. International Organizations
  8. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's)
  9. Library Resource Centers
  10. Library Schools and Tertiary Institutions
  11. Community Based Organizations
  12. Political Parties and Private Sector Organizations
  13. Contractors, Staff, Retirees, and Next-of-kin to deceased Staff


Summary of our Services are as follows:

  1. We provide book and other materials for public use freely
  2. We issue International Standard Book Number (ISBN) within ten (10) working days.
  3. We accept Legal Deposit Materials from Federal Government, state government and local governments
  4. Publishers, authors and private publishers.
  5. We attend to court subpoena and Summons
  6. We offer library consultancies
  7. We attend Book Exhibitions
  8. We organize Readership Campaigns
  9. We distribute book gifts from donors to schools, agencies and institutions


Provisions are made for those with disabilities to access library facilities


Our delivery and time frame varies depending on the type of request and the client that makes the demand. Therefore, it can be:

  • (a) Within minutes/hours
  • (b) Daily
  • (c) Weekly
  • (d) Monthly
  • (e) Quarterly
  • (f) Bi-annually
  • (g) Annually and
  • (h) Continuous.


It is expected that clients shall:

  • (a) Have access to Servicom charter which will be produced as handbooks and handbills to be displayed on the notice boards in the offices.
  • (b) Submit in writing all request that require the attention of the office;
  • (c) Show understanding for some of the constraints within which the Office operates.
  • (d) Provide all necessary information that the office may require to facilitate timely processing of their requests and complaints.
  • (e) Provide feed-back to facilitate a biannual assessment, evaluation of the service delivery system;
  • (f) Clients are expected to pay the sum pf N5,000 and N3,500 as administrative fees for the issuance of ISBN and ISSN respectively, which receipts are issued on payment. Clients can now obtain the numbers in any of the existing National Library of Nigeria branches.
  • (g) Response to requests from clients shall be processed within ten (10) working days by the schedule officers;
  • (h) No officer will leave request unattended to, for more than 48 hours
  • (i) The reading points open from 9:00am -6:00pm, Monday to Friday except on public holidays and 9:00am - 12:00 noon on Saturdays


The National Library of Nigeria is faced with the following limitations:

  1. Inadequate funding
  2. Uncooperative attitudes of authors and publishers by refusing to submit legal deposit copies of their published works.
  3. No permanent Headquarters Building, yet to be completed and this makes coordination of service difficult.


We intend to engage stakeholders in the following for a:

  1. Readership Campaign done annually
  2. Legal deposit drive done annually
  3. Sensitization workshops done periodically
  4. Book fair done periodically
  5. Gift and exchange done continually
  6. Quarterly senior staff meetings
  7. Senior staff seminars done periodically
  8. ICT Training sessions done periodically


  1. National Librarian/Chief Executive Officer
  2. Directors of the various departments
  3. Focal Officer, Customer Relations Officer & Complaints Officer
  4. Head of Branches
  5. Librarians
  6. Library Officers
  7. Administrative officers
  8. We organize Readership Campaigns
  9. We distribute book gifts from donors to schools, agencies and institutions