News Updates

National Library Donates Educational Books To Custodial Centres

Anunobi Congratulates Predecessor On Meritorious Service, As Uni-Ilorin Sends Forth Prof. Aina

National Librarian Seeks For American Corner At Nln Prototype

National Librarian Calls For Documentation Of National Heritage In Indigenous Languages

Prof. Anunobi Inaugurates Action Committees

Public Service

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Public Service Department

This department is responsible for the following:

  1. Provision of reference and document delivery service and other library services
  2. The organization and maintenance of the collection of books, periodicals pamphlets, newspapers, films, microfilm and musical scores and recordings
  3. Making the facilities of the National Library available to government functionaries, researchers, students and the general public, and providing current awareness through the compilation of bibliographic indexes and abstracting service
  4. Attending subpoenas or court summons with materials deposited in the National library through the Legal Deposit Obligations, when need arises
  5. Conducting Readership Promotion Campaign and Exhibitions
  6. Issuing of ISBN/ISSN to publishers and author at state level