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Planning, Research And Statistics

Welcome to

Planning, Research And Statistics Department


The department comprises three division headed by a Director.
Each division headed by a Deputy Director and is made up of Sections and units headed by the most Senior Officers.

Its CORE functions include:

  1. Research, development planning, compilation, collation and utilization of statistical data for Management decision
  2. Conducts internal work study to streamline and standardize operations.
  3. Articulating and establishment of standards of professional library practices.
  4. Carried out inspectoral activities to other libraries to ensure compliance with international standard of professional library practices.
  5. Maintain close working relationship with school libraries for industrial attachments and practical training.
  6. Organizing quarterly seminars for staff of the institutions.
  7. Provision of National Information Services through a computerized documentation services linking up directly other libraries.
  8. Production of publications of the institutions.
  9. Conducting and coordinate pertinent Research topics of National Professional import.
  10. Coordinates project planning and budgeting with respect to plans and programmes of National Library of Nigeria.
  11. Provides framework and supports the articulation of medium term and action pans in collaboration with relevant Departments and Agencies.
  12. Responsible for mainstreaming of Education sector plan into National Development Plan encapsulated in the National Economic Empowerment Development Strategy (NEEDS) for holistic approach and effective impact on the economy.
  13. Collaborates with the National Planning Commission and other public and private organizations with respect to issues on Library development at both Federal and National Levels.
  14. Responsible for monitoring and evaluation of plan implementation for feedback to inform possible reviews taking cognizance of emergent issues and policy changes in collaboration with supervisory ministry and relevant Departments, Parastatals, States and stakeholders.
  15. Collaborates with international development partners in respect of library planning monitoring and evaluation issues.
  16. Coordinates the preparation of National Library of Nigeria year rolling plan.
  17. Initiate and develops in conjunction with information marketing services new information products and services based on user needs.
  18. Identification of technological gate-keepers in various disciplinary areas in the country for cooperation in information management.
  19. Research and development, promotion in information science and compilation of and registration of on-going researchers in Nigeria

The department comprises of four divisions:

  1. Planning & Development
  2. Research and statistics
  3. Publication and documentation
  4. Indexing and abstracting