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Legal Deposit Department

The department comprises of four divisions namely:

  1. Legal deposit
  2. National bibliography of Nigeria
  3. Online union catalogue
  4. Receipt and documentation

Its core functions include:

  1. To collect legal deposit material (print and non-print), material from private/commercial, Federal and state government agencies
  2. The receipt and documentation of all serials, monographs, newspapers, private/commercial, Federal and State government publications
  3. Compilation and production of National Bibliography of Nigeria (NBN)
  4. Developing, maintaining and management of online national union catalogue (ONUC) Database
  5. Organizing sensitization workshops for publishers/authors and printers to ensure compliance
  6. Marketing and distributing the national Bibliography of Nigeria (NBN)
  7. Compilation of National Library of Nigeria subject authority files
  8. Maintenance of legal deposit catalogue obligation by publishers
  9. To ensure the compliance of legal deposit obligations by publishers