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Virtual Library Services

Welcome to

Virtual Library Services Department

The department comprises of three divisions namely

  1. Digital resources
  2. ICT
  3. Website Development & Maintenance

The department was established to build, maintain and sustain a virtual Library for Nigeria and Nigerians. The department is charged with this statutory function in addition to other functions as stated below:

  1. To serve as the focal department for resource information/knowledge network
  2. Ensuring the preservation of electric and digital information resources of the nation's heritage
  3. To evaluate, organize and structure available sources of information online
  4. To provide intellectual access to information relevant for research on specific fields of study
  5. To subscribe to foreign database and make some available to the general public
  6. To identify and collect local content for digitization
  7. To develop manpower specialized skills
  8. To maintain the website to optimal functional level
  9. To ensure the preservation of electronic and digital information resource of the nations heritage
  10. To transform knowledge into digital content for all levels of education in Nigeria
  11. To create, capture and deploy resources for teaching and learning
  12. To provide a sure platform for resources sharing, linkages and network
  13. Identification and collection of local content for digitization