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Human Resource And Administration

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Human Resource And Administration Department

The department comprises of three divisions

  1. Appointment, promotion, Records, Personnel Data and discipline
  2. Staff welfare, training and pension division
  3. Administrative services division

The department is responsible for evolving the personnel policies for the organization. Its core functions and operations include:

  1. Manpower planning, recruitment and selection
  2. Monitoring reviewing and analysis of cooperate functional operations to determine appropriate work structure, relationships, responsibilities and levels of authority
  3. Establishment and implementation of appropriate system of remuneration for the employees
  4. Analysis of employee training needs and provision of facilities and opportunities for employee to acquire skill and knowledge needed to perform their jobs
  5. Regular appraisal of staff performances
  6. Establishment and maintenance of essential service relating to health, safety, and general welfare of staff
  7. Adequate control and custody of personnel records and administrative procedures and making information available for planning purpose
  8. Promotion of effective communication system between the management, Unions, and staff and the establishment of conflict resolution procedures