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Collection Development and Technical Services Department (CDTSD)

The department comprises of four divisions namely:

•Selection and Acquisition;

•Cataloguing and Classification;

•Gifts and Exchange;

•Preservation and Conservation.

 The Department is responsible for the following;

i.Preparation and maintenance of appropriate selection and acquisition policy for the National Library of Nigeria;

ii.Centralised acquisition of materials through purchase, gifts and exchange;

iii.Identify possible sources of books and other gifts for the National Library of Nigeria;

iv.Stock editing and identification of gaps;

v.Cataloguing, classification and processing of non-Nigerian materials for state         branches;

vi.Acquisition and processing of non-book materials;

vii.Distribution of book gifts from foreign agencies such as book Aid International and USIS to schools, public and academic libraries throughout the federation;

viii.Soliciting for books aid from overseas on behalf of the National Library of Nigeria;

ix.Partner with National and International agencies in the exchange of their intellectual works.




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